The Nursery

Babies in a nursery have many unanswered questions. Sometimes a caring nurse or parent will respond to their cry. More often, nobody comes. There is no way for newborns to understand where their parents go when they leave the nursery, why their parents leave them or when they will return. The babies’ only view of the outside world consists of fleeting moments by the window in the arms of their mother. The outside bustle of cars, pedestrians and buildings whirl by in an inexplicable blur, almost totally without meaning. These tiny humans can do nothing by themselves that affect the outside world, but they are destined to become an indispensable part of that very world. There are homes waiting for them, as well as schools and movies, dates, marriages and jobs. Meant to live in this world, they are only dimly aware of its existence. They cannot imagine being writers, firefighters, nurses or doctors but as day follows day each child becomes someone unimaginable, able to perform acts of heroism, passion and love. Each child, in time, becomes the person that he was always meant to be.

We are as different from who we will become in the Kingdom of God as we are from the babies we once were. This world is our nursery. We cry out to God and sometimes we feel His presence. Why He answers one prayer and not another is an inexplicable mystery. We receive tender loving care from God one day and feel alone the next. Where is God when we need Him most? What is going on in a world of inexplicable trauma, injustice, glory, triumph, defeat and pain? What is the plan? At times, we see glimpses of another world. The Holy Spirit allows us to catch sight of spiritual realities. We see things for what they really are, but only for a moment. Then it is back to the same old life. Created for a spiritual life, at times, we feel as if we affect nothing in the spiritual realm. What are we becoming? It is hard to know, but our future involves things more powerful, more creative and more passionate than anything we can know in this world. Our time in the nursery is limited This world will no longer confine us and we will enter into a realm that allows us to be the people that God created us to be before the foundation of the earth and who will function long after this world and has turned to dust.