Off To School

There are times when my kids just can’t seem to get ready for school.  Their hair is uncombed, their homework scattered and they can’t find their shoes.  My children run about the house wildly gathering backpacks and jackets, trying to pour cereal, butter toast and brush their teeth: all at the same time.  Slowly but surely, the hands of the clock approach zero hour.  The bus is coming! At first, I remind them, then I encourage them and finally I warn them: get focused, be ready when it is time to leave. The time eventually comes when I see the lights of the school bus approaching.  I grab whichever children I can get a hold of, pushing them out the door, tossing jackets behind them and running after them with sheafs of homework papers flapping wildly in my hand. Then they are gone.  Prepared or not, they are on the bus.  Maybe they should have woke up earlier, moved faster or been more focused. Now it is too late. They must succeed as they are.  I have done what I could to prepare them. It is their time to perform.

God spends a lot of time preparing us to be used by Him, but that will not last forever. He exposes sin, brings teaching, reproofs, and speaks to our hearts morning, noon and night.  He reminds, He encourages and He warns. He watches us run from issue to issue, all the while seeking to amuse ourselves with foolishness. Before long, the time comes to be used.  God grabs hold of us the best that He can and we find ourselves facing the enemy, leaned on by hurting people, called on to enter into intercessory prayer. Perhaps we should have awoke to His voice sooner, paid better attention or been more focused. It does not matter. God has gifted us as best we let Him. Now it is our time to act.