Laser Light

This morning I decided to play one of my favorite games with two of my kittens. I took a laser pointer and shined it on the floor. When the red dot appeared, the cats’ ears immediately stood straight up. In a flash, Ocelot and Chubb leapt at the red dot but they were not quick enough. A flick of my wrist sent the red dot flying across the carpet. No matter how fast they moved, the red dot kept one step ahead of them. In a flash, the cats scampered after the dot, jumping over laundry baskets, squeezing under tables and leaping onto the bed. The entire room was being turned upside down. At times I let the red dot lead them pouncing over my wife. I laughed as they ran, their bright eyes completely focused on the moving light.

Of course, neither cat could understand that I controlled the red dot and that no matter how hard they tried; they could never catch the light. I controlled the game by means of something they could never understand. Their goal appeared and disappeared at my whim. The puzzled kittens looked around and peered under the bed. The next second, the light would pop up next to one of their paws. At times, Ocelot and Chubb ran into each other, swatting at one another while trying to follow the ever-moving dot. Sometimes Ocelot’s paws landed on the dot, but there was nothing to catch. Before he knew what happened the red light moved on and Ocelot continued the chase.

As I played with the cats it occurred to me that I had often lived my life like one of these kittens. The Devil had, in times past, placed desires in my heart that were nothing but an illusion. No matter how hard I tried to obtain those things, the farther and faster they receded from my grasp. In a desperate effort to obtain something that wasn’t real, I turned my life upside down. At times the goals I sought would disappear entirely. While I waited and wondered what had happened, there they were again, just out of my grasp. Around and around my life spun. What I didn’t hear was the Devil’s laughter as I raced about, trying to catch something that could never be grasped.