Those of you who watch reruns of Bonanza may have noticed something very odd. Hoss never dies. Shot, trapped by rustlers, stabbed, beaten and surrounded by wildfires, Hoss always survives. And what is amazing, we always know he is going to survive! Why does Hoss ever get worried? After all, he has a writer! No matter what foolish decision he makes or treacherous girl he falls in love with, circumstances turn out for his good. Whether he loses the girl (which he always does) or loses his shirt (as with most of his financial dealings) Hoss is always smiling in the final scene. The writer can turn the hearts of every girl and leave hidden gold five feet from Hoss’ campfire. Healing is no big deal, either. While a .45 slug can normally tear an arm in half, Hoss can fight with one in his shoulder and another one in his leg. His hat doesn’t even fall off! No, Hoss is blessed. Someone loves him. The sponsors.

We, too, have a writer. Every hair on our head is numbered. Every heart is in His hand. All the treasures of the earth belong to Him. Our past was written before we were born and our future has been penned in His heart before the world began. He gives us the questions to ask and writes the answers in our hearts. There is nothing that He does not know; there is nowhere that He hasn’t been. Between the electrons of an atom and at the farthest reach of outer space He exists. There is nowhere you can go to escape His presence. With Him we can overcome anything. All the fiery darts of the enemy can be quenched. By Him kingdoms have been conquered, the dead raised, the weak have been made strong and the strong humbled. Regardless of the trial, the question can be asked, why are we worried? At the final scene we, too, will have a smile on our face. We are blessed. Someone loves us. The Sponsor.

“All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”
Romans 8

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