Falling In Love

Within the heart of Rome, visitors can see the ruins of the ancient city center. Graceful vestiges of past glory line the streets of the crumbling Forum. While no one lives or works there, you can almost hear Roman Senators’ speeches and feel the rumble of chariots as they charge past the temples. Like a shard of mirror reflecting a sliver of beauty, the worn stone arches and marble steps leading nowhere entice our imaginations with visions of beauty and power.

It is a wonder that anybody falls in love. Mankind is so flawed, so innately selfish, that one would expect people to be on guard at all times, never able to trust or make themselves vulnerable. While this is certainly true for some people, the teeming hordes of young children that crowd our parks and schools declare otherwise. While experience teaches us that sin, in time, overwhelms most human relationships; with every “I do” hope springs eternal.

Look at faces in the crowd. Behind the worn, tired faces and the pained, angry expressions, someone is hiding. For an instant, he appears; within every human, the traces of an unblemished being remain, created for eternity and untouched by the stains of sin. Just as we see, for a moment, the faces of fathers in their children we can see the original faces of Adam and Eve staring out at us through the eyes of those we love. With lovers, we see the grace and beauty that Christ imparted at the beginning. Women see strength and courage, power and passion. Men glimpse the elegance and kindness, nurture and hope that God gave the first woman. Within each of us, something stirs from time to time, reminding us from where we came. For a season, we are invigorated with the expectation that something great is about to happen in our lives. We anticipate an adventure that must result in some eternal good. For that season, the hand of God writes again the first commandment that He gave man. Be fruitful and multiply.