Hidden Treasure

Several years ago my family and I vacationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We played by the beach and waded into the water. As I walked along the shore, I noticed a piece of soggy paper floating nearby. It seemed a bit odd, and I wandered over to have a closer look. The paper was limp and ragged and slightly green. As I looked closer I realized it was money! I plucked it out of the ocean and found a twenty-dollar bill! I looked around and noticed other scraps of paper floating in the water, all of them twenty-dollar bills. Nearby a woman was playing with her toddler son, money floating between her legs as the waves washed in. I motioned to my wife and she quickly but quietly caught the attention of our daughters. Trying to seem unconcerned we walked up and down the ocean, collecting money. All around us people were playing, but nobody paid any attention to the money that floated past them. I was so elated I could have shouted and skipped, but I held back and concentrated on collecting the free money as it floated by. Before long we had collected all there was to find and retired to our beach house. We had collected several hundred dollars, but nobody else had noticed a thing.

Oftentimes, walking with God can be like that day at the beach. Hidden among the jumble and distractions of daily life are jewels from the Lord, examples of His grace and wisdom, moments of mercy and flashes of His divine sovereignty. While others curse and fume in traffic jams, when we wait in line forever at a store while someone in front of us can’t find that last coupon, or when listening to the interminable chatter of others in a lunchroom, we can find something precious from the Lord if we will just look. While others allow life to pass by, we can reach out and grab a hold of it. In the most familiar places, at the time we least expect it, from the most ordinary of events, we can enter into the depths of God’s riches and, squealing with delight in our soul, be changed forever, enriched by the vision of the divine nature of God.