Hide and Seek

I often sit in a chair and watch my daughter play hide and seek, running from room to room, looking furiously for her brother. Nothing is left unsearched. Every closet is opened, the beds looked under. A glance is always made behind each door and curtain. The amazing thing is that she looks where no one could possibly hide. She expects her brother to pop out from the tiniest places, from drawers and from under chairs. I marvel at her anticipation as she looks in every crevice. I can see from her face that she is certain of impending victory and that at any minute he will be uncovered.

In so many ways this game of hide and seek is like our experience with God. We sometimes enter into unavoidable circumstances in which the Lord seems entirely absent. This is when we must begin to play hide and seek with Him. He, of course, has already found us. Now it is our turn to find Him. We must scour our experience, searching in every corner of our circumstance to catch a glimpse of Him. But we must not look only in the expected places where He might be found. We must peer into the most impossible nooks and crannies. We must pay attention to every relationship, watch expectantly as each event transpires and listen carefully to every word that is spoken. Above all we must be expectant. He wants to be found, to appear suddenly when it seems it is time to give up, when it appears that we have looked everywhere. Just then we may gain a glimpse of His majesty, His power and His love, waiting to be found and embraced by His children.