The Cry

As any parent can tell you, a baby is born with a cry that her parents simply cannot ignore. A baby’s piercing wail will seek out the parents and, crashing through everything that stands in its way, demand their attention. Regardless of what its parents are doing, everything will stop in short order, until the baby has gained their attention. Mom and Dad may wish to press on, finish their telephone conversation, fill out the last lines of an overdue tax return, or place the last few dishes in the sink. None of this will happen, of course. The parents find that they cannot resist the call of their baby. They must, and will, respond. Likewise, the baby knows her parent’s voice. All it takes is a word, softly spoken, and the baby is satisfied. She knows her mother’s voice out of a thousand others. She cannot be deceived. No other voice will do. Nothing less than this one sound can bring the assurance and safety of her presence. No other voice can bring the admonition that matters. Theirs is a bond that cannot be broken, a deep union that meets every need.

Likewise, we know the sound of the Holy Spirit’s voice. Nothing else can comfort our spirit. No other voice can bring the admonition that matters. We know His voice because we are His and we were birthed by Him. One word from Him and all is well. Fear vanishes, and joy appears. We are satisfied. God has also given each of us a voice that He cannot ignore. From the depths of this world we can call to Him. He will not, He cannot, ignore us. His attention is riveted to the sound of our cry. Nothing can stand in His way. Nothing is more important. We are His and He, Himself, has committed Himself to us. We are His children and our cries find their way to the very core of God’s heart. His love for us is ferocious. It will not be withstood or thwarted by anyone or anything. We can be assured that He will come when we cry out to him. He will hear us and will soon be with us, cradling us in His arms and whispering in His sweet voice that He loves us and is with us.