The Skyscraper

We often pick up the newspaper and begin to read about some great development project that is being planned. Hundreds of millions of dollars are to be spent, thousands of workers employed, and much service is ultimately to be made to many multitudes of people.

Months pass and then an opportunity presents itself to drive past the site of this vast project. What a surprise! Instead of a grand edifice, reaching to the clouds, there stands a large, open hole in the ground; one that is getting deeper by the day. What went wrong? Am I in the right place? Is there some terrible environmental contamination that prevents anything being built here? Even the grass is gone and the original buildings have vanished. Only empty space remains, surrounding a large hole in the ground.

Of course nothing has gone wrong. Everything is on track and fine. Before the skyscraper is built, the original structures must be removed and a foundation laid. The larger the final building, the larger the foundation that must be prepared and the deeper the hole will be, that holds the foundation. In fact, the size of the hole can foretell the final size of the building.

In like manner, when we first ask Christ into our heart, he begins to build a new man in us. First he must clear away the man that we have made ourselves into. Then he begins to lay a foundation in us, so that we might be deeply rooted in Him. The greater His ultimate purpose for our lives, the deeper He digs. To us, it appears that either God has abandoned us, gone deaf and dumb, or else is stark, raving mad! But, of course, none of this is true. He is simply preparing our heart to receive all that He wants for us. Others may look at us and be discouraged. We may become disheartened. We may feel that the harder we try to change and draw near to God, the more we stay the same. This is certainly not the case. We will rise up, built by God on a firm and true foundation. In time, we will give His life to many and God will be glorified in us. But we must patiently wait with faith, sure of His love, until He has done His work. Then, and only then, can we see with our own eyes the fulfillment of the promise He gave to us, when we began our journey so many years before.

“He is the author and the finisher of our faith.” Hebrews 12:2