Imagine a great mathematician deciding to sit down with his five year old child and teach him Calculus. No matter how willing the father is to reveal all that he knows, no matter how deeply he yearns to transmit that knowledge to his precious child, his efforts would be almost entirely in vain.

Of course, even a five year old can learn one or two elementary principles about equations. A very smart five year old, with a creative and brilliant father, might learn just a bit more. But no amount of effort would allow the child to solve even a simple quadratic equation.

We encounter many mysteries in our walk with God. We ponder predestination and free will and wonder at how the entirety of Israel will be saved. We are perplexed at how we can be the righteousness and glory of God.

Try as we might, we cannot explain the fact that some receive miraculous healing, while others do not. Our minds struggle to understand why God did not intervene to prevent some catastrophe, while asking us to believe that He carved our name on the palms of His hands. How do we reconcile the fact that not even a sparrow dies without the Father, that each hair on our head is numbered, and the feeling that the LORD isn’t there when we need Him the most?
Is God trying to avoid our questions? He goes out of His way to say things that fly in the face of our reality. Fear not, be not dismayed, be of good cheer in this broken world. He plainly tells us to ask, because everyone that asks receives. He declares that we are to be filled with ALL the fulness of God. and that we possess ALL things pertaining to life and godliness. Has God gone mad?

We are destined to grow up. One day we will know Yahweh as well as He knows us. We will know the number of hairs on his head. We will be as different then, from who we are today, as we are now different from the person we were as a newborn. For now, the LORD says that if He were hungry, He wouldn’t bother to tell us.

It is not that God does not want to reveal the truth about all of our perplexing questions. He can’t. He chose to create time and to place us in it. It was, no doubt, a good decision. In the fulness of time, Messiah came into the World; and in the fulness of time we will be able to understand even the deepest thoughts of our Father.