A Peculiar God

Do you think God tells people to do foolish and inappropriate things?

What if God asked you to:

1) Build an ark on dry land, when it has never rained? Genesis 6:14

2)Kill your son?
Genesis 22:2

3) Put the blood of a lamb on your doorpost so your child won’t die?
Genesis 12:3-7

4) Hold up your hands as long as it takes for Israel’s army to win a war?
Exodus 17:11,12

5) Put your sins on the head of a goat and turn him loose in a wilderness?
Leviticus 16:10

6) March around a walled city 7 times, blowing a horn, so that the walls will fall down?
Joshua 6:3

7) Cut down the number of men in your army to a handful, so you can defeat the vast army of your enemy?
Judges 7:1,2

8) Choose one of three ways for Him to kill the people who trust you, as a punishment for your own disobedience?
1 Chronicles 21:12

9) Eat grass like an ox for 7 years?
Daniel 4:25

10) Wash in a muddy creek 7 times, in order to cure your leprosy?
2 Kings 5:1-19

11) Shake the dust off your feet if people won’t receive you?
Matthew 10:14

12) Drink gold?
Exodus 32:20

13) Pass around a basket with 5 fish, to feed 5000 people?
Matthew 14: 15-20

14) Walk on water?
Matthew 14:28,29

15) Marry a prostitute?
Hosea 1:2

16) Spend a year’s tithe on a party for yourself, buying yourself whatever your soul lusts after, including strong drink?
Deuteronomy 14:26

17) Walk around naked for three years?
Isaiah 20:2

18) Lay on your side for more than a year?
Ezekiel 4: 4,5

19) Cook your food over human excrement?
Ezekiel 4:12

20) Cut off your foreskin to show that you love God?
Genesis 17:10,11

21) Not look back or He would turn you into salt?
Genesis 19:26

Can you think of a time when God asked you to do something foolish or inappropriate?

Did you do it? What was the result?