Baby Luis

Baby Louis, two years old and suffering from Downs Syndrome, was completely uninterested in the church service. In fact, the only thing on his mind was getting his father’s complete attention. The harder Louis Sr. tried to get his son to settle down, the more Baby Luis poked, pulled, laughed and scurried about his father’s legs. Though obviously irritated and distracted, Luis could not keep from smiling. At long last, completely conquered by his son’s attention, Luis grabbed ahold of his disabled child and held him to his chest. Baby Luis immediately stopped squirming and buried himself in his father’s arms. In that moment, nothing could be done to make their lives more complete, nothing existed that could surpass the intimacy of Luis and his boy.

Baby Luis knew nothing about the mundane facts of Luis’ life. He was unaware of his Dad’s trials at work, he did not know Luis’ favorite song or color, was oblivious of the medical bills that were stacking up, or even aware of the fact that his father was an illegal alien. I, on the other hand, knew all of these things about Luis.

As I watched them embrace, it occurred to me how little life I shared with Luis. No matter how much I learned about him, I could never know Him as deeply as the two year old he clutched to his chest. Baby Luis might never know the catalog of facts and figures that defined his Father to the world at large, but his knowledge of his Dad was deeper and truer than anyone else would ever know. It was filled with fierce, unending love and an intuitive recognition of the desires of his father’s heart.

It seems as if our knowledge of God is made of the same stuff. We may not know much about the daily routine of our Father. Why does He seem to disappear at times, where does he go and what does He do with the vast universe that He created? We, however, crave His presence and attention, and he obsesses over us. He fills and comforts our lives, disregards our disabilities and carries us from the womb to old age. We may know little about Him and yet we know Him more deeply and truly than can ever be known by those who merely study Him.

Those who watch the LORD from afar, who are not birthed by him and do not awake in his arms every morning can not know the certainty of His presence and love. At best, they watch and wonder at what might transpire in the heavenly places of God’s heart. Perhaps we have no more answers then they, concerning the baffling and fiery trials that fill human lives. One thing we do know. When we get Yahweh’s attention and embrace him; hidden within his arms, there is a peace that passes understanding and an unimaginable joy that fills both our soul and the heart of God.
“If I was hungry, I would not tell you.”
Psalm 50:12