A Single Cell

Consider a young man, strong and in excellent physical condition. He eats well and exercises daily, working hard and involved in sports. There is only one thing wrong. Deep inside his pancreas is a single, untreatable, inoperable cancer cell.

Now think of a very sick man, confined to his bed. He is unable to move and can barely see or speak. He is unable to feed himself and his relatives have gathered by his bed to say their final goodbyes. On this very day, however, a doctor comes into the room with good news. A cure has been found! With no further comment, the doctor takes out a large hypodermic needle and a small bottle of clear liquid. He fills the needle and plunges it into the man’s arm. Nothing changes in the room. The man lies there, unable to move. His eyes remain closed. He is barely breathing.

One man appears healthy, strong and confident, but he is dying. Nothing he can do can save him. The other man appears to be at death’s door, but the cure is working and he will recover. Which one is truly well?

It is easy to envy an unbeliever’s confidence, wealth and power. At the same time, we look at many believers and wonder how they manage to get out of bed in the morning. Ignorance, poverty and foolishness seem to tower above them and entrap them in a prison of their own making.

In reality, the unbeliever is infected with something so horrible and deadly that his soul and body will, in time, be drawn into the very depths of hell. He is on a journey into darkness from which there can be no return without Christ. His power, knowledge and wealth can turn into the very walls that keep him from all light, truth and love. On the other hand, inside each believer is an unstoppable power that will grow to fill every crevice of his soul. This Holy Spirit will, in time, break down every barrier between Yahweh and His people. The believer has begun an unending walk through eternity with Jesus Christ.

Now choose who you would be; who is to be envied? Our choice is nothing less than life or death; a new creation or utter destruction.