Just Right!

In the beginning, God made Himself a son, and called him Adam.

And God was alone with Adam.

Except for the animals, of course.

The LORD and his new son played and walked through the woods.

HaShem enjoyed talking with Adam and the young man asked many questions.

The day came, however, when the LORD realized that He, alone, was not enough to make the young man happy.

“I will make a help-meet for my son,” thought HaShem. “All of my animals have companions to make them happy. I will let Adam choose a mate from among them.”

At first, the LORD brought out an elephant.

“Too big!” cried Adam as he ran behind a tree.

Then HaShem brought Adam an Ant.

“Too small” Adam whispered as he leaned over and his nose touched the ground.

Just then, a Cheetah whizzed by, almost knocking Adam onto the ground.
“Too fast!” he cried out, his voice shaking.

While Adam was gazing at the sight of the Cheetah disappearing into the distance, a large tortoise edged up to his toes.

“Too slow!” laughed the boy.

The LORD thought for a long time.

“I’ve got just the thing,” He said.

When Adam turned around he found himself nose to knees with a giraffe.

“Oh, no! Too tall!”

Adam fell on his back and laughed out loud.

“That’s silly, Father! I can’t play with him; I can’t even get on his back!”

God furrowed his brow and sighed.

“I think I can fix that,” He said with a slight smile.

A lion with a golden mane came and lay down at the young man’s feet.

“Teeth!!!!” cried Adam, as he pointed at the big cat’s face.

Just then, a spider monkey scampered up to Adam and leapt on his back.

“He tickles! Make him stop!” Adam laughed out loud.

Then God gave his son a three-toed sloth.

After a few minutes, Adam asked God, “Is it alive? It doesn’t do ANYTHING.”

On and on, for hours, HaShem brought His son animals to choose from.

Some were too fat, while others were too thin. Some were squishy and others were far too hard.

“Too slippery!” Adam giggled as he tried to hold a brightly colored fish next to his chest.

Some animals had big horns on their faces while others had no face at all!

Nothing seemed to make Adam really happy.

So, after an exhausting day, Adam fell asleep. As He slept, the LORD looked down at him for a long, long time.

And then God did something special.

When Adam awoke, he opened his eyes and gasped.

“Just right!” was all he said.