The Elements

Our world is made of peculiar things. 112 elements make up every living and nonliving thing in the Universe, and each of these elements has unique properties.

God’s world is made up of elements as benign as Krypton, an inert gas that interacts with nothing, while other elements are exotic and dangerous; like radium that spews out deadly gamma rays as it decays. Some elements are exceedingly rare and expensive, like platinum and gold, while others, such as iron, are as common as dirt. Helium is lighter than air while lead is exceedingly heavy. Hydrogen explodes when it comes into contact with a spark while sodium burns when it contacts water. Some elements last for a billionth of a second and are rarely observed by anyone. Other elements, like gold, last for millennia and are feverishly sought after. Chlorine and sodium are both deadly to humans but when bound together, they make ordinary table salt. Without carbon and oxygen life cannot exist, but neither can life exist with uranium.

The diversity, complexity and nature of Yahweh are revealed by His creation. It seems that God, like His creation, is a mixture of the bland and the exotic, the rare and the common, the stable and the chaotic.

Jesus said that his people are a peculiar people. The church is full of dull, boring people. Other members are exciting and creative. Some individuals are the lifeblood of the church, serving their brethren continually while others appear for a moment and then disappear for months. We see some Believers with an anointing so precious and rare that we search for them in order to be fed spiritual meat. Other ministers preach messages that we have heard countless times, and know by rote. We observe the oddest marriages, with each spouse’s idiosyncrasies complimenting the other, resulting in unusual ministries. The church contains wispy folk, but also deep thinkers who grapple with the mysteries of scripture.

Yahweh’s complexity, diversity and nature are revealed by His people. Bland and exotic, rare and common, stable and chaotic; Christians make up the Body of Christ.