The Party

Have you ever been invited to a party at which you knew virtually no one? Upon arriving you find a roomful of people, all engaged in animated conversations. You look around the room for the two or three guests that are actually your friends, but all you see is small groups of strangers. You would like to enter into the conversation, hear what others are saying, and share your thoughts with the other guests. They, however, are not the least bit interested in talking with you. The other guests are quite content with their own lives, their own friends and acquaintances, and their own ideas. As you try to introduce yourself and enter into the conversation, all of your questions are met with one word answers, cutting off further comment. All of your comments are met with a blank stare. After a little while, you finish your drink, take a last look around for someone you know, and leave the party.

This is something like the situation God finds Himself in here on earth. He comes hoping to find someone to talk to. Most of humanity, however, is quite content to be wrapped up in their own world, listening to their friends, lost in an iPad or cell phone, consumed with work and TV. When the God of Israel speaks they are just not interested. They are absorbed in their own thoughts, opinions and feelings. Confronted with Yahweh’s thoughts and feelings about life, they respond with a blank stare.

If we are to engage the living God, we must quit talking and take a breath. Let the Holy Spirit have a word in edgewise. Making room for the LORD is necessary if He is going to be a part of your life. Yahweh made the tongue and He can speak. He made the ear and He can hear. He made ours, and wants us to use them to talk with Him and listen to Him. Take a moment out of your day and ask Him to speak to you. Talk to Him as you travel through the day. If you can believe it, God takes time to listen.