Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler was a Romanian Ruler from the 13th century who was the model for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vlad struck fear into his enemies by impaling his own people alive on long rows of stakes, lining the main road to his castle. The approaching Turks decided that anyone who could be so cruel was no one to make enemies with. They promptly fled from Vlad’s country. As horrible as Vlad was, he understood one fact. Someone was going to win the war. Either it would be him or it would be his enemies. It could not be both.

Many times I am asked what my favorite scripture is. I usually reply, “The tongues of my dogs will be red with the blood of my enemies.” To the horrified expressions of my evangelical friends, I reply that David said that “the righteous rejoice when they wash their heels in the blood of their enemies.” What is all of this talk of blood and enemies? Surely it is some leftover fragment from another age; one that is long gone, like knights and dragons and Aladdin’s thieves. But do we still have enemies? From my early days as a Christian I was taught that I don’t have enemies, only future brethren that need to be saved.

During World War II the free nations of the world were faced with a band of people driven by a spirit of pride and hatred so consuming that an entire country turned against all that was godly and, thinking that God was on their side, murdered fifty million people, including six million Jews. As we went to war, all of our resources were marshaled in a desperate struggle to destroy the forces against us. What happened to those powers of darkness that had been unleashed upon the world, once the war ended? Evil, like water spilled from a broken glass, does not disappear when those who hold it within their hearts are destroyed. It changes form and reappears in other souls, unleashed by new tongues and brought to a boil in the imaginations of tares sown anew.

The evil that drove men to murder and withstand the people of God in David’s time remains alive unto this very day. The minions of Satan, the arrogance and corrupted nature of mankind and the spirit of the world around you have not stopped for even one day from seeking whom they will destroy. And they have your scent in their nostrils. It is you that they are hunting. The problem is they know where you live. The spirit of this age sifts into your home like smoke from burning trash. Computers, cell phones, radios and billboards whisper to your spirit, “Sleep, sleep. All is well. You will not be harmed. Just rest for a while.” Your worst enemy awakes within you every morning as you open your eyes. He is sleeping in your bed, eating your breakfast and he is there when you kiss your wife or tell your children bedtime stories. All the while Satan sits and watches, waiting for his allies to open the door. He is ready in an instant, like a cat waiting at the door, to leap upon you and destroy everything you have and are.

Make no mistake. Your enemies are as fierce as Goliath and merciless as Haman. The question is whether you will go out on the field, armed like David with faith and righteousness, or whether you will wait until you have lost the battle. The people of God, Haman plotted to kill, have cursed his name every year for three thousand years. The tongues of my dogs will be red with the blood of my enemies. I hope that you will rejoice when you wash your feet in the blood of yours.