Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Receiving salvation takes incredible courage. To stand with your heart naked and true before the Living God can be a terrifying prospect. This is because we are guilty and the penalty is death. The thought of being honest about our motivations, our fears and our imaginations drives men into denial. They lie to themselves and to God. They minimize sin and rationalize darkness.

Remember, it was God who sent the Egyptian army storming after His people Israel, when their backs were against the sea; even as He was telling them to stand still and behold the salvation of God. To stand still in the face of such an assault required nerves of steel in the face of desperation and fear.

This is nothing compared to the assault of light that Messiah brings to the dark hearts of humans. The temptation to break and run can be overwhelming. To hide; to elude the truth of God; to flee seems far easier than standing before the clear bright God of truth: Yahweh, the Living God of Israel.

“Whosoever falls on the Rock shall be broken, but whosoever the Rock falls on shall be ground into powder.”

This is, indeed, a terrifying choice. There is no easy way out. The only door that does not lead to death is honesty with God, coupled with heartfelt repentance.

When we finally turn and face Yahweh, we see what we have become. The result is a desire to be like Him, to shed the darkness that holds us in its power and reach behind us to restore, to the best of our ability, those whom we have hurt. Anything less will not do. Anything less than The Cure is fatal.