Suppose you had to pick up six hundred and sixty different items that had been scattered across a field and carry them with you for an entire year? To make matters worse, each one weighed roughly a pound. While it would not be a problem to carry any one of the items, the totality of the task would be simply impossible.

Now, what if someone said they had a solution. Since each item was rather small, you were told that you could fit them neatly into two pieces of sturdy luggage. You could then carry them easily, without fear of having one or another item slip from your grasp. Instead of 660 items to worry about, you would now only have two!

I doubt you would jump for joy. Rather, you would point out that it is no easier to carry two three hundred and thirty pound bags than it is to carry six hundred one pound objects. Both are equally impossible. You might also point out that when you had 660 separate things to carry, you would at least be able to carry some of them. You might be able to carry quite a few, if you only had to carry them for a short time. On the other hand, you would not be able to budge even one of those three hundred and thirty pound bags, not even for an instant.

I hear believers say that they don’t have to worry about the law, because Jesus packed the 660 commandments of God into two simple laws: Love Yahweh with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. But, as Jesus reminds us, he did not come to do away with the law but to fulfill it. If you love Yahweh with ALL of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself, you will be complying with every one of the 660 commandments of God.

Try as you might, it is simply impossible to walk out these two simple, but weighty, commandments. Jesus has given us a task that is unreachable. Worse, while Jews only had to obey the commandments one year at a time, Jesus said believers had to obey them every day forever.

So how could Jesus say that His yoke is easy and His burden is light?

The Jewish prophet Ezekiel said that it was through the Holy Spirit that God’s people would be able to walk in all of His commandments. Isaiah promised that when we allow Messiah to bare our grief and give Himself for our sins, that the glory of the Living God of Israel would rise upon us and fill us with all the fulness of God. The Apostle Peter said it was through these precious promises that we become partakers of Yahweh’s divine nature. Through Him it is possible for us to do all things. Even pick up those two weighty commandments and carry them with us into eternity..