True North

When you walk true north in the Kingdom of God, you do not always travel across flat plains of summer grass and sparkling waters. As He leads you in a way you have never gone, you find yourself in unfamiliar places, unsure of the correct direction, surrounded by peril.

When God leads you to your high places there are mountains to climb. The way is steep, the passes narrow. As Yahweh is enlarging your footsteps beneath you, it will be as you scale sheer cliffs, where a misstep can bring disaster.

When the waters do not overflow you, you will be in the midst of them. You will not be burned as you go through fires and the flames will not kindle upon you, as you travel past hell.

Jesus will restore your soul after you pass through the valley of death. It is in the midst of heartache that He will comfort you with His rod and staff. Surrounded by danger, He will be present. Running headlong into disappointment, you will remember that Yahweh is your God and regain your hope.

Ten thousand people will rise up against you but God will prepare a table for you in the midst of your enemies. After they attack, you will possess their gates. In a world of risk, He will cover you with His favor, as with a shield. At times, the LORD will cover you with His waves and billows; His footsteps invisible, but with you, as you travel through the depths of the sea.

The journey to true north is full of afflictions, but God will deliver you from them all; leading you, as He led Abraham before you, to a heavenly city whose builder and maker is Yah.