Monthly Archive: February, 2015

God Is Not Tinkerbell

In Peter Pan, the fairy Tinkerbell lay dying. Only the three Darling children’s faith could save her. As the children chanted “I believe,” over and over again, Tinkerbell’s light grew stronger and stronger.… Continue reading

The Chocolate Rabbit

Every Easter season I walk through the stores looking for interesting candies to give to my children. The aisles are always filled with novelties, always brimming with large chocolate rabbits, covered with brightly… Continue reading


Suppose you had to pick up six hundred and sixty different items that had been scattered across a field and carry them with you for an entire year? To make matters worse, each… Continue reading

The House That God Built

Imagine someone asking you to come by and see his new home. When you arrive, you find nothing at the address except an open field, filled with bundles of building supplies. A houseful… Continue reading