Darling, the Living God of Israel

A friend of mine, a young woman named Margaret, had a whirlwind romance. One day she went out on a date with a man she met at work, and before her next paycheck Margaret was planning a wedding.

“It’s love at first sight!” Margaret was so excited she could barely get the words out. “He’s the kindest man I’ve ever met! He’s interesting and seems to know everything! I call him Darling and he’s a dream!”

“How well could you know him; you just met!” I countered.

“You don’t understand! I’ve never met anyone like him! And he’s rich; he can afford anything! Darling’s always giving me little gifts.”

I drew my head back. “Sure. For all you know, he could be a jerk. Have you even met his family? Maybe his father looks like the old man in the mountain and your kids will all have long pointy noses!”

My friend insisted, “He’s never raised his voice at me, in spite of all the silly things I do. I’m sure his first wife was horrible. I don’t think Darling ever thinks about her, after she left him the way she did.”

“First wife?” I cried out. Why did she leave him? Do they have kids?”

“Yes, several,” Margaret explained, “but he never sees them.”

“What kind of man …”

“Oh, no,” she cut me off.  “He wants to spend time with his children but they never come around. I see them from time to time, usually in the store, but they pretty much prefer to keep to themselves. They’re not really interested in their father, and I’ve never had a real conversation with any of them.”

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Maybe you ought to slow down and find out who this guy really is? I hear his father’s a trip. Have you seen his ex?”

“He isn’t anything like his father. And, yes, I’ve seen his first wife and she’s nothing much to speak of.  He was good to her and, of course, he loved her but he’s over her now. Darling gave her everything she asked for. When they were together, he wanted to spend all his time with her, but she found someone else or, should I say, quite a few someone elses. Believe me, he isn’t interested in her anymore. She would have to literally come crawling back to him on her knees before he would even speak to her!  

“I hope you’re right,” was all I could add. 

Margaret did marry her dream guy, and Darling turned out to be  a good catch. But there were a few things she hadn’t counted on. First, he turned out to be insanely jealous. It also turned out he wasn’t quite over his first wife. After his ex was dumped by everyone she had taken up with, Darling thought about her constantly. 

Worse, he paraded Margaret around, just to make his ex wife jealous. In fact, it was Margaret who became jealous, and she tried to keep Darling’s children from him. Margaret was rather plain, and I think it bothered her that Darling had an ex that was actually drop dead gorgeous. He kept a diary of everything he and his first wife had ever done together, which also didn’t help. 

In fact, his kids were obnoxious and thought they could come over to the house without knocking. Margaret never enjoyed the things Darling liked, and the knowledge that her husband and his ex had enjoyed these same activities together bothered her. 

Perhaps the worst thing she found out was that Darling actually had quite a temper. Every once in a while, he would throw the dishes across the room. It was never without cause, but it scared Margaret and she didn’t know what to make of it. And although Margaret was wealthy, she remembered how freely Darling’s first wife had spent his money and felt guilty every time she spent a dime. 

In time, it occurred to me that Margaret would have been well served if she had found out a little bit more about her Darling, before she said “I do”.