The Great Interception

Yahweh spent a thousand years preparing the Jews for Messiah. He created a culture that mirrored His own heart. Every element of family, business and recreation reflected the fact that they had been chosen by God to bring righteousness into the earth. The Jews had the one and only Living God, and the rest of the world had nothing. And, for the most part, the Jewish people left the Gentile world alone.

The Gentiles had never interacted with the heart of Ha Shem.  They were like wild coyotes watching pet dogs play with their master. When Paul began bringing the Jewish gospel to the barbarians, the Gentiles finally had a real God. Never before had they been able to approach Yahweh or feel the presence of His Spirit. Of course, they loved it. The trouble was, they knew absolutely nothing about God. Every element of their culture reflected sin and darkness. The resulting clash of cultures would prove to disrupt the church in ways that early believers would find unimaginable.

The barbarians and the Greeks had been allowed onto the playing field, but didn’t know the rules. Gentiles had no idea what to do with Judaic culture, so they started making up their own rules as they went along. Seeing no use for the culture of the Jews, they ran hard and fast, trying to make sense of a God they had never known.  While Jesus, the Apostles and all first century Jewish believers observed Torah, the Gentiles found themselves still on the outside looking in. Consequently, the Jewish leaders decided barbarians and Greeks did not have to adopt the ancient God-given culture of the Jews, because it was unintelligible to them. Instead, the Apostles decided the Gentiles could simply obey four of the laws that Ha Shem had given to Noah.

Over time, as Gentiles flooded into Messianic Judaism, they began to suspect that life without Jewish culture was, in fact, superior. The world view of the Greeks began to predominate and the Hebraic views of Jesus were put aside. Jewish believers were considered backward and ignorant of spiritual things. The suspicion that God had somehow invested Himself in His natural children in unique ways became offensive. Before long, the Church was dejudified, and Jewish believers were expected to abandon the very culture that had brought Messiah into the world.

The coyotes had finally gotten the ball, and the game was afoot.