Don’t Worry

Don’t worry – He’ ll Never Find Out!!(It’s really not that important)
As a child, have you ever done something you know is wrong and hoped your parents wouldn’t notice? You would think that since God sees everything we do, we wouldn’t try to get away with much. However, when we act in our own self-interest, it is our nature to hope that God will not make much of it. Maybe if we don’t mention it, neither will He. 
This was the case with Moses. When Moses fled into the desert he married a woman whose father was priest of the demon god, Peor. She apparently forbid Moses to circumcise their two sons, which was a violation of Yahweh’s covenant. Rather than face the wrath of his wife, Moses disobeyed the covenant. 
When Moses later saw the burning bush and appeared before Yahweh, he never mentioned his disobedience or his family. Neither did God. I can imagine Moses hoping The Living God would not take notice. After all, Moses had been chosen to lead his people out of Egyptian captivity and into the promised land. It was a pivotal moment in the history of Israel. So Moses kept silent. So did Yahweh. When they had finished talking, Moses went out to confront Pharaoh and lead his people to freedom. But what did Yahweh do?
The scriptures tell us Yahweh went to an Inn and waited for Moses to pass by so He could kill him. Really. Moses apparently got the message and sent for his unbelieving wife and sons. He then took a sharp rock and promptly cut off his children’s foreskins. His wife grabbed the bloody flesh and threw them at Moses, screaming “Thou art a bloody man!” They eventually got a divorce.
Why would God want us to know this? He was ready to kill the very man He had chosen to lead His people to freedom. A man who was the humblest man who had ever lived. Perhaps it is because God wants us to understand what is important to Him. Jesus said if a man loves his wife more than Him, that man is not worthy of the Kingdom of heaven. If we fear others more than we do God; if we hide our sins and hope God will too; these things will bring a violent separation between us and God. The LORD does not expect us to hide, minimize, normalize or rationalize sin. We are to be courageously honest with Him, repent and obey.