Winner Takes All

Not only are few chosen but if you’re not….

(you can’t even keep what little you have)

It’s always interesting to listen to people’s comments when they find out who won the lottery. If the winner was already rich, you are likely to hear remarks like, “Life’s just not fair. The guys with all the money are the only ones who ever win.” That’s obviously not true, but let’s face it; it is true with the blessings of God.

“For unto every one that has it shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that has not it shall be taken away even that which he has.” Matthew 25:29

Not only does God give to those who already have, but He takes away everything from those who have little.

Jesus cautions us to be careful how we hear. We are to allow his Word to be planted deep into our heart so we will bear fruit. The Word was not given to us to hide behind, but to allow us to boldly affect the lives of others. We are to allow ourselves to be spent by God, in order to manifest the Life of God in this fallen world. It was the man who hid his talent, being led by fear, who was thrown into outer darkness. The Word goes on to say Yahweh divides the sheep and goats, and the goats will be cast into Hell. The simple test is this: how have you treated the least among you, for in this you treated the King of Life. If you despised and ignored this Living God when He was hungry, thirsty, homeless, naked and imprisoned you won’t like Him one bit more when you see Him in His glory. And neither will He like you.

“When did I see you hungry and not feed you?” the cursed will ask.

Long before Jesus came to earth, He warned us, “If I were hungry, I would not tell you.”
If you do not love His people you do not love Him. If you cannot recognize Him in the people made in His image, neither will He recognize you.

Those who hear God’s word and act on it will stand when the storms come. Those who hear His Word and do nothing will be destroyed. It is not enough to know the Word, and hold it before men in the palm of your hand. You must eat the Word, the flesh of Messiah, letting it go into the deepest part of your being, so it becomes a part of who you are, affecting how you treat others.

The tepid Christianity of much of the modern church will be swept away as storms of evil pound upon believers. It is already happening, as the churched abort their children, divorce their spouses and normalize sexual perversions like homosexuality. We are to love our brothers and sisters fervently. We are to be led by mercy and justice. We are the light of this world.

Modern contractual Christianity doesn’t take root in our behavior, it costs us nothing and consists of little more than a set of principles to live by. It will not save us from the wrath of God. The storms are coming. The hot sun is rising. If we are unwilling to walk out the Truth, no matter how inconvenient, no matter how scary, we risk losing what little truth and courage we have and being cast into outer darkness.

Life cannot exist without risk. We will either choose to believe that God is not paying attention and seek to save ourselves, or we will choose to follow True North, loving as fearlessly as our God.

Be not deceived, if you hide your light under a bushel you will end up with nothing. If you live dangerously (because God is with you), risk everything (because the Word of God is true) and burn your bridges as you go (because there is no looking back in the Kingdom of God) you will find the blessings of God will overtake you, and the windows of heaven will open so wide you will not be able to contain the abundance God places in your life.

Winner takes all.