The Greedy Man

Jesus once explained that when a man finds a treasure in a field that doesn’t belong to him, he should not do the Christian thing. Instead of lovingly presenting the treasure to its owner, Jesus recommended hiding the treasure from the owner of the field, and buying the property for far less than its worth. How is this possible?

In this case, the treasure in the field is the Kingdom of God; the anointing and blessing of the Living God. Jesus is clear: we are to be greedy for our relationship with the LORD. It is to be worth more to us than life itself. Indeed, Messiah said the Kingdom of God is taken with force and violent men take it with violence.

The desire of Jacob for the things that were worthless to Esau made God’s heart soar. It was Isaac who loved Esau and it was God who loved Jacob. Missing the heart of God, Isaac would have squandered the treasure on its owner. Instead, the LORD gave everything to the man who already had a love for Him and took what little love Esau had for God away from him.

Remember, once Isaac realized what Jacob had done, he realized his error and freely gave Jacob the blessing. Esau wanted what he had already given away, the gift Yahweh always intended for Jacob. When Esau carefully sought repentance with tears, God withheld it from him.

The Word does not say that telling an untruth is sin. God Himself sends the wicked strong delusions, that they should believe a lie. He hides the truth from the wise of this world and chooses the delusions of those who hate Him. Is it not a lie to make the owner of a hidden treasure think he is getting a good deal when he sells his land for far less than its true worth?

Yahweh is our exceedingly great reward. We are to ravenously seek to know Him. Nothing less is acceptable. We are to do whatever it takes to have the lover of our soul. We are to risk everything, live dangerously and burn our bridges as we go. The amazing thing is that to the man who risks nothing for God, who never steps out in response to the voice of God, the word of the LORD is, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” The person who only gives back to God the gifts the LORD has entrusted to him is cast into outer darkness, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Yahweh wants the fullness of our love. We are to risk everything for Him as He risked everything for us. There is nothing we are to put in front of Him. Certainly not our honor or pride. Jacob saw the only thing that mattered to him and he seized it. Saving Isaac from committing a horrible mistake, Jacob endeared himself all the more to the heart of God. The man who wrestled Yahweh to the ground wrestled the blessing of God out of the hands of those who would squander it. In doing so, he filled His Creator with joy. Jacob became the father of a people whose heart wrestles with God, a nation of men whose sole purpose is to walk with Yahweh in intimacy. The LORD has chosen the man who won’t take “no” for an answer, the man who will not put even his own father before Him. Unbelievably, God has chosen the greedy man.