The Highway

The highway by my home is being reconstructed. In upgrading a four-lane road to interstate standards, the entire highway has been dug up. Giant earth moving machines crawl up and down, ribbons of asphalt appear and huge flatbed trailers unload various cranes and bulldozers. It looks as if the entire world has gathered together to get the job done. But as I travel to work, past all the activity, I sometimes see a solitary workman with a shovel, poking the earth, digging a single hole by the side of the road. 
I often marvel at such a man, and the other little knots of orange vested workers who scratch at the immense project which dwarfs them. Can their work really be necessary? Would the road open without their labor? Are the flood of cars and trucks to come waiting for them to finish their work? What could they possibly be working on that is so important?
In the family of God it is the same. HaShem has promised He will save His people Israel, and that the reconciliation of the Jewish people to their God will bring resurrection life to non-Jewish believers. Over the years, the world has been shaped and turned inside-out by gargantuan events designed to bring the chosen people to Messiah. Wars have been fought, nations have risen and fallen and Israel was raised from the ashes in a single generation. It is astounding that Hebrew, the language of a few orthodox rabbis, was brought back from extinction to become the worldwide language of the Jewish people in the span of only fifty years.
All the while, individual Jews have heard the call of God and responded. Gathering in small groups, drawn to one another out of thousands of Gentile congregations, these messianic Jews are answering the call to roll up their sleeves and turn the world, and Christianity as we know it, inside out. As we pick away at the edifice that once ruled the world, it certainly appears hopeless. How important could such meager efforts be in the overall scheme of things?
But just as it is certain that traffic will not roll onto the new road by my house unless those solitary workers finish their labor, the work of individual Jews in the Body of Christ is essential if the resurrection life of God is to raise the Church from its current moribund state. We are filling in a hole that was created eighteen hundred years ago. We are bringing back a Hebraic view of scripture, Messiah, and God; revealing, as Isaiah did, what it means to be a spirit-filled believer. 
It is as if the Body of Christ is regaining its sight as the natural born branches blossom. Although we are shoveling in the first few spadefuls of dirt, this hole will get filled on God’s own schedule. With the last spadeful of earth, the river of life that has the power to change the world, and at last set the captives free, will pour out of the belly of every believer. It is then that “their feeble will be as the house of David and the house of David will be as God.”