The Fill Up

Imagine a man taking a long awaited trip across the
desert. Instead of taking advantage of every opportunity to
top off his gas tank, he haphazardly stops and pumps a
few gallons whenever it strikes his fancy. It isn’t long
before he barely glides into the filling station, with fumes to
This time he pumps in a few extra gallons, but soon he is
back to his same old pattern. As the miles pass by, it is
only a matter of time before our sojourner finds himself on
the side of the road, miles from nowhere, his car
completely out of fuel. With a defeated sigh, he hikes five
miles to the next station and fills up his one gallon can. In
due time he is back on the road, once again in too much of
a hurry to keep his tank full.
Time after time, the man finds himself on the side of the
highway, his fuel tank empty. Hiking miles through the
desert to fill up his can, the man wonders, once again, why
his adventure seems so different from what he first
expected. After awhile, he cannot bear to look at the hot
drifting sands for even another second.
The Bible is the living Word of God, created before the
foundation of the world. As we read the Word, each verse
becomes a building block that the Holy Spirit uses to bring
us revelation as we travel through life. Day and night, God
stirs up the Word we have put within us and brings it to our
remembrance, in response to the demands of our daily
Many believers browse through the Bible, grabbing a quick
read whenever they can find time. Instead of devouring
entire books, they settle for a few topical verses.
Consequently, there is no context for deep theological
truths. Instead of discovering the complexity of God’s
personality, these believers receive mere sound bites that
are easy to misinterpret as they try to apply them to the
issues that arise in their lives.
It is the Word of God that brings us wisdom and revelation.
Without the Word, we are on empty when we need
understanding. Without a rich familiarity with His Word, we
find ourselves unable to convert the challenges of our life
into meaningful instruction. Instead, we become
increasingly frustrated and puzzled, as we once again
trudge through difficulties that seem to endlessly repeat
It is important to take the time we need to fill our heart with
the words of God. There is nothing like them in this world,
and they will last forever. Sitting down to top off our tank
on a regular basis will allow God to turn each of life’s
experiences into an event that conforms us into the image
of Messiah. We will spend more time richly enjoying life
and far less time trudging through the desert of seemingly
pointless frustrations.