The Cargo Cult

My father, a neurosurgeon for over forty years, has an irrational belief in “science,” similar to the cargo cults of the World War II era. Having been supplied with material goods by plane during World War II, aboriginal peoples in the southern Pacific faced ruin when the war ended and the planes no longer came.

Fearing they had displeased the airplanes, which they mistook for beneficent gods, these people built mock planes from the forest timber to attract their gods. They watched the skies, but salvation never came. They did not recognize the true givers of their material wealth, but confused the means by which their blessings came with the source of those blessings.

So the modern rationalist, observing that scientific principles often bring forth abundant life, look to those scientific laws and processes as the source of life. They do not recognize that science is simply the means of supply.

These apparently brilliant thinkers build great edifices to knowledge, and await its blessings.  Years go by, yet humans continue to suffer from fear, hatred, broken relationships and alienation.  Still, the rationalists retain a stubborn faith in their limited abilities, standing in awe and worship of science.

These humans remain unaware of the Creator who uses His science to supply their needs.  While their hearts remain empty and alone, the Living God of Israel gives to those who know Him all that their lives require, exceedingly abundantly; more than they can ask or think.