The Tide

The tide of His story is turning. The sea change of Christianity is ebbing, and we are now living in a post-Christian world. The wave of life that burst out of Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago is receding and, in its wake, millions of lukewarm believers litter the shores of the church. As the purposes of God turn to His beloved natural branches, those without root in themselves find themselves fruitless, replacing human kindness for Righteousness and self-realization for deliverance from the powers of spiritual darkness.

The tide has turned. Gay relationships, meaningless sex, abortion and life without revelation, discernment or judgement have all been normalized.  People cling to their covenants with death and agreements with hell, trying to save themselves as they cower within a refuge of lies.

Without revelation or courage, many believers remain silent as child molesters stalk their young and abortion mills tear babies’ limbs from their unborn bodies. The spirits that guided Nazis now guide western civilization. The destination is death and the path that leads to it is the same as it has always been, for those who seek to throw off the bounds of Yahweh and His Christ.

Instead of waging war, we pray for peace and seek it at all costs. The struggle against evil has been transformed into an appeal to reason. The violence of the gospel that calls for brutal honesty is being exchanged for a gospel that offers forgiveness without repentance or deliverance from bondage. Our culture offers flowers and good thoughts in response to evils for which the only righteous response is a passionate call to arms.

The result of this passivity in the Body of Christ is the absence of God’s presence in the community at large. In an attempt to make the God of the Jews palatable to everyone, the modern church has succeeded in making the King of Jacob innocuous and unimportant to almost everybody. The result is a world aimlessly wandering where it wills, without purpose, through a wall-less prison. Without immutable truth, without courage and judgement, the church is listening to its own babbling instead of the voice of Yahweh.

In the midst of this outgoing tide, this flight from life and truth, there are other waves rushing towards the shore. Since the day Jerusalem ceased to be trodden down beneath the heels of the Gentiles, the Hebraic view of a God of Justice, who calls His people to war and demands that His people expose iniquity in their communities, has been rising up within the church. God’s people are being introduced to a Messiah who declares that if you do not throw yourself upon Him and break, He will throw Himself upon you, grinding you utterly to powder.