Quantum Refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator that knows exactly what your nutritional needs are, every moment of the day.  In addition, this appliance knows what you want, and provides the perfect mixture of pleasure and nutrition on demand. No matter what you put into the fridge, no matter what you are looking for when you open the door, the perfect meal or snack awaits you. Inside this box, filled with a defined number of foods, lies an entire universe of edibles, wired into your individual needs and desires.

Yahweh promised Abraham that He, Himself, would be Abraham’s exceedingly great reward. Jeremiah proclaimed to the people of Israel that Yahweh would give His beloved new hearts and write His laws upon them. Ezekiel proclaimed that the LORD would place His Holy Spirit within each of these holy and righteous hearts so they could obey the Commandments of their creator. Hosea and Ezekiel both expressed the desire of the Living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to enter into them and live intimately with them. Jeshua, Messiah of the Jewish people, came, died and rose again to make these things possible.  What we have today is a living Word, the Bible, whose author resides within our hearts. The Bible contains a limited number of words and sentences. We each read these Words as often as we like and thereby place their treasure into our hearts. What is amazing is that each of these words and sentences is alive, sending roots and tendrils deep into the crevasses of our hearts.

The result is these words grow within us, each of them connecting one with another to produce fruit: new treasures; insights, revelations and messages – all of which are being birthed in the depth of our hearts, unbeknown to us. When we reach back to retrieve what we have put in our hearts, what we find is more than we have deposited.

We need and want something from the Word within us. Unexpectedly, when we reflect on the Words we have gathered, and open our mouths to let them out, something emerges which we were unaware even existed within us. The living word flows out in a torrent of wisdom, revelation and discernment.

The Bible is quantum. As in old cartoons, the inside of the tent is larger than the outside. An unlimited amount of wisdom and knowledge of God is contained in a limited number of words. The more of the Word you put in your heart, the more bountiful the harvest. And the amazing thing is, what comes out is often not what you were looking for. Instead, it is precisely what you need. It is the answer to the secret desires of your heart. It is your own quantum refrigerator.