Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Jesus’ Apology : John 8:31-59

  Jesus was having a hard day. With all the Pharisees, lepers and demon-possessed Jews he had dealt with in the morning, it seemed like a good time for an afternoon nap. Just… Continue reading

Crumbs from the Table

When God created the Universe, He filled it with everything that reflected His desire. The sheer enormity of His creation boggles the mind and the nanometer precision of His subatomic world is as… Continue reading

Contractual Christianity

Most non Jewish believers find themselves entering into the Kingdom of God by way of the well-worn Roman Road. The Roman Road leads to an intellectual understanding of our current standing with God,… Continue reading

The Messiness of God

Anyone who says God doesn’t like messes never watched a two year old eat spaghetti or a puppy in a roomful of children’s toys. Messiness is such an integral part of growth it… Continue reading