Crumbs from the Table


When God created the Universe, He filled it with everything that reflected His desire. The sheer enormity of His creation boggles the mind and the nanometer precision of His subatomic world is as infinitely complex. He filled the atmosphere and space, itself, with radio, light and sound waves. Above all else, God created the brain, which converts energy into life, capturing the essence of HaShem, producing children who are greater than Angels.

This explosion of creation is held within the confines of time and space, and speaks of a Creator who is greater than the sum of all His creation. For the children of God, this creation is merely a sampling tray of things to come. Unfortunately, the sampling tray has been upended by sin, and most of humanity is frantically trying to gather the scattered food that has fallen from the table.

God, however, has something better for His people. He has prepared a table for us, overflowing with blessings and revelation. The LORD, Himself, sits at the table, eating and drinking, singing and rejoicing over His people.

Many children, however, are too busy gathering the crumbs off the ground to realize what a full meal they would have if they waited for the LORD to serve them. When bits of food entice the ravenous, they scramble for whatever they can get, unable to control their fear of hunger long enough to sit quietly for the meal to be served.

You can either have all you can gather by yourself or all God will give you. You cannot have both. God’s provision is an expression of His love, and fear of want is the enemy of His love. Fear opposes love and separates us from all that love can bring.

With fear, we launch into a struggle for self preservation. Like a drowning man in terror, we grasp onto straws and try to hold ourselves above the water by climbing atop those who are struggling beside us. Too afraid of death to let go of the worthless flotsam we cling to, we ignore the lifeline that is thrown to us from solid ground. Certain we can somehow find a way to survive, we bob miles from land in a boundless ocean that has swallowed all who have gone before us.

Without fear, our hiding places can finally be swept away. We must courageously face the fact we are helpless. Only HaShem can save us and, as the scriptures declare, HaShem does whatsoever He wants. Does He want to save us? Is He willing to do what He is able to do?

When those around us are scrambling for food, can we wait at the table for our Creator, enduring hunger because we know He is preparing the main course, confident His coming is certain as the dawn?