The Secret Place of the Most High

The LORD has invited us to hide under His shadow, to take refuge under His wings. This indicates there is something real to hide from. Like a small child, huddling with her parents in a thunderstorm, we may not understand the threat we face, even as we hope we are safe in the presence of someone who truly cares for us.

It is God who has given us a hiding place, a shelter from the terrible ones, a shelter full of mercy and grace. The storms of this world swirl about us, buffeting us. But we have not been called to fear. We have, in the midst of the storm, been given power, love and a sound mind. We have been given the presence of God to cling to.

Habakkuk wrote “the just will live by faith,” and faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We do not hope for what we see, but for what we have not yet seen. In this world, our hearts yearn, in the face of the passage of time, to see the LORD turn the deserts of our lives into pools of water, to rebuild the ancient places in our hearts that have been ravaged. Hope hurts. Hope takes courage. Hope is a powerful vice that presses in on us, unifying, through tremendous pressure, the places in our heart which have been torn apart by the enemy. Hope also tears apart the hardened walls that separate the innermost places in our heart from the heart of God. Hope can indeed be violent.

It is not surprising, in a world that is in childbirth, when Heaven and earth are being shaken, that each of us feels the forces that shift the very foundations of all things visible and invisible. When something is birthed by the hand of God, something else is being destroyed by His same hand. Emerging from this struggle between life and death, truth and illusion, are the mature children of the God of Israel. What is being birthed by the fiery trials which you endure is nothing less than you.