As A Man Thinketh

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

There is a reason the Spirit of this world wants to convince God’s people they are small and insignificant. There is a purpose for Satan’s constant accusations against the children of God. Through fear and shame, these forces seek to make foundational changes in the nature of God’s children, reshaping the image of mankind; transforming warriors who bear the heavy weight of God’s glory into feckless indecisive prisoners, cowering within a refuge of denial and lies.

Instead of fearful Gideon listening to the LORD declare him valiant, today’s Believers too often listen to the incessant whispers of a mocking world. Seeing themselves as grasshoppers, they almost proudly declare themselves no better than miserable sinners. However, in a land of giants and slaves, God’s Word calls us a chosen generation, a holy nation. In a world of ungodliness and sinners, we are the righteous.

Like a tiger pacing in an unlocked cage, so used to bondage he cannot imagine ever being free, many believers sit hopelessly in darkness, unable to grasp the fact Jesus has unlocked their prison door. To believe the gospel is to throw oneself against the bars, hoping against hope for escape, while acknowledging the truth of what we have to be freed from. While the righteous will, indeed, be scarcely saved, it is good to remember the ungodly and sinner will find no place to stand.