Jesus Entangled

One of the most counterintuitive phenomenon in science is quantum entanglement. Whenever two items are entangled, also known as being in a state of superposition, whatever happens to one instantly affects the other, no matter how far apart they are. This indicates a connection between the two that is completely outside the boundaries of time and space.

I often wonder how Messiah’s death and resurrection could have such a real effect on me. After all, He died two thousand years ago, five thousand miles from my home. What, exactly, happened to me when Jesus died? Why am I dead with Him—how could I be literally resurrected with Him and have a new nature? What occurred to us, that I am so entangled with Jesus that what happened to Him also happened to me, before I was even born?

In Ezekiel, Yahweh looks upon His people, and declares, “thy time was the time of love; and I spread my skirt over thee, and covered thy nakedness: yea, I sware unto thee, and entered into a covenant with thee, saith the Lord God, and thou becamest mine.”

In fact, the Word for Yahweh choosing Abraham is the same as for Adam knowing Eve.

When Paul writes, “in the fullness of time” Messiah redeemed us from our sins, it seems fair to say it “was the time of love” which Ezekiel prophesied about.

The scripture teaches when two people marry, they become one flesh. Indeed, if a Spirit-filled man sleeps with a harlot, the body of Messiah becomes one with the body of the harlot. This is not because it is God’s will that such a thing happen, but because it is simply the spiritual and physical nature of intimacy that those who are intimate become entangled spiritually and physically with one another.

In Romans, Paul explains that all are, by nature, under the Law, once they grow up. Just as a Jewish woman could not divorce her husband, humans are bound by the demands of the Law so long as they live.  Only death could break the husband’s hold over his wife. Death alone allowed her to cleave to a different man. Death alone frees us from the claims of the Law.

Paul says we, by sharing the Spirit of Messiah, die with His body on the cross, freeing us to be married to Him. And, if we are married to Him, and we are filled with the Holy Spirit of Yahweh, our mortal bodies will be quickened, along with Jesus’ mortal body, so we may together bear fruit unto Yahweh.

This marriage of God and man, this covenant He has made with us, arises from deep within our heart and is birthed by the fruit of our lips. As we completely surrender our heart, so He may enter us, and cry out to Him in violent rejection of all that has laid claim on us before Him, there comes a moment of powerful intimacy.

As Adam knew Eve, and became one flesh, so Yahweh instantly knows us, and we become the body of Messiah. As His body is raised, so are we – at the same instant, though we be separated by eons of space and time. We are now inextricably entangled with Jesus: all that touches us touches Him, and all that He is, we are. As we rejoice in His victory, He suffers with us in our many afflictions. We are not alone and never will be. More importantly, we will find we never have been.