When believers read, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” often their first response is to stop judging anything, leaving the task entirely to God.  Perhaps, it is because they are terrified of facing the LORD with their own sins unforgiven.

Of course, much of modern Christianity has accepted Satan’s accusation that simply being human is sin. It is not. While it is true each of us falls short of perfect benevolence, even when we have real issues of sin there is an alternative to simply giving up our calling as Ambassadors of Christ.

Jesus tells us about a man trying to remove a small splinter from another man’s eye, all the while ignoring the jagged one in his own. Jesus does not recommend both men sit down, partially blinded, and wait for God to arrive and perform surgery. He suggests, rather, the man with the jagged splinter remove it from his own eye so he can clearly see to remove the small one from his friend’s.  This is a warning to be honest with God about your own problems before diving in to fix the problems of those around you.

Paul writes, “a spiritual man judges all things.” He does not mean we are to punish others for their sins. Judgement is not executing punishment, it is declaring the truth. We are, indeed, called to declare the truth about everything we encounter.

Perhaps many believers withhold judgment because they struggle with the idea that the Holy Spirit will actually reveal the truth if we desire it. Maybe they have seen the spiritual fatalities caused by those who relentlessly drive the Word into other’s hearts, while dodging the truth God brings to them.

Truth kills. Without love, it is toxic because men are unable to bear truth without mercy. With love, it kills everything but itself in the souls of those who have it. Truth, combined with mercy, is the light that allows men to fall on the Rock and be broken, but it is also this same Rock which will grind men to powder if they refuse God’s gift of repentance.

This is the judgment of God: “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.” While this is hard and shameful for men to accept, it is only by embracing the judgment God brings to our hearts through other men that freedom may be found.

Deuteronomy declares, “He is the Rock, His work is perfect. All His ways are judgement.” If we are to be made into the image of Messiah, we will be truth bearers, judging all things, calling people to a cross which is death and foolishness to those who perish but power and life to all those who believe.