The God Who Touched My Meatloaf

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.” Rev 3:20

Yahweh, to whom the entire Milky Way is little more than an inconspicuous fleck in His beard, came to man and invited Himself to dinner. As He did with Abraham, the Living God declares He wants to enter into even the most mundane moments of our lives. But, sometimes, those mundane moments are also our most intimate.

My son, Karl Daniel, has Down’s Syndrome. For some reason, as soon as he is finished with his meals, he begins reaching for my food. Like most people, I can’t stand for anyone to touch my food while I am eating; even Karl Daniel. It is almost as if someone is trying to touch my eyeball. It is unbearable.

The good news is Yahweh wants to eat with you. The bad news is Yahweh, like Karl Daniel, wants to touch the food you’re eating. It is clear the Living God of Israel is interested in involving Himself in the most awkward details of our lives. He desires to be present in our embarrassing places, our painful places, the difficult and dark places of our lives. He wants to be with us in the places where we want to be left alone.

Since Yahweh declares He would not tell us if He were hungry, the LORD’s invitation to come and eat with us seems a bit bewildering. And yet, God is also asking us to participate with Him in both the smallest and largest moments of His life. He even lets us touch His food. His commandment to make animal sacrifices involved an offering that demanded we eat the food we offer to Him.

Indeed, He has infused the whole Universe with His life and image and placed us in the midst of it, alongside Him. He, Himself, hunts prey for the lions and fills their bellies with “Chai”, which in Hebrew means life. Taking intimacy to its highest level, Messiah commanded us to eat of His body and drink of His blood. Needless to say, that invitation almost caused Him to eat His next meal alone.

While we are to let God invade every corner of our lives, He has promised to prepare us an unapproachable table in the presence of our enemies. We can dine without fear of attack, unconcerned about the voracious enemies who gather about.  When we eat at the table of God, there are no place settings for our enemies.

In spite of this, our fears can cause us to hide ourselves behind a refuge of lies. While God will hide us in His Pavilion in times of trouble, the LORD will not allow us to find refuge anyplace else. Who remembers what they had for lunch this past April 26th? Who even remembers what day April 26th fell on? Yahweh does. So it’s hard to escape His notice. The eyes of the LORD go to and fro throughout the earth, to find the upright of heart and act on their behalf, and there is nothing beyond His reach.

In the time of trouble, we can be like a child hiding behind a closet door while her house is burning down. Jesus often comes to us like a fireman, an axe in His hand, smashing down the doors we hide behind. Jesus said He came not to bring peace but a sword. This is because peace and safety are not to be found in the places we hide.

We must be carried by the Holy Spirit to the secret place of the Most High, often fighting the One who came to save us. It is only there we can rest in Him. It is only then we are at peace. First, invite the LORD to eat with you, and then go with Him, to His home, and eat with Him. Let Yahweh touch your food. Then go ahead and play with His.

At the end of time, Yahweh will wipe away our tears with His own hand. He has made His tabernacle with men, deep within their hearts. He has come to live with us forever. This intimacy arises from before the creation of space and time, and continues beyond their end. When the Universe rolls up like a scroll, we will continue. God has made a reservation for us at a new table in a new Universe. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.