The Knock at the Door

It is true Jesus stands at the door of men’s hearts and knocks. Many broken people, nonetheless, hide when they hear him coming. They have already opened their hearts one too many times, only to find wolves and thieves waiting at their door.

When those who are broken finally open their heart to Messiah, they find He “does not abhor the affliction of the afflicted.” Instead, he takes our griefs upon Himself and, with mercy and love, begins to put our shattered hearts back together. If we will be honest with Yahweh about our broken minds, damaged emotions and frozen will, He will breathe life into us, He will birth us anew and we will find ourselves being transformed into His image.

Yahweh has not called us to shame us, He has called us to change us. Jesus has taken our shame from us and made our hearts clean before the Father. He has given us His glory and embraced our sorrow and failure. He became acquainted with grief, so we might be acquainted with joy.

Fear keeps us from God, because fear keeps us from love. Before we can begin to love Yahweh, we must first have His Holy Spirit sow the love of Yahweh throughout our hearts.

We do this when we stand defenseless before the One who can break us, only to find He is the One who heals us. Yahweh calls out to mankind:

“Come, let us wrestle together. Though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18

All too often, we think He is waiting outside our door, desperate to come in out of the cold. Instead, He has come, not to find refuge in us, but to be a refuge for us.

He is a consuming fire, waiting to enter our frozen lost hearts; coming to bring fruit to our barren earth. He has come to transform us into what C.S. Lewis called the “man on fire;” the infectious flame of life, sent to set the world aflame.