When we open the door of our heart to the Holy Spirit, He comes in to dine with us. The good news is, it’s a catered meal; true to-your-door service. You don’t have to cook up anything. Intense flavors await you, with platefuls of food larger than you could ever eat. Your favorite dishes are ready for you to dive into with abandon. Even more pleasant, you never have to pick pebbles out of the salad or insects off the pizza.

In the modern church, however, the Hebraic gospel is increasingly being mixed with bits and pieces of foreign religions and worldviews. Taoism has blanketed many congregations, introducing uniformity and false humility. Everyone, it seems, is to be equal. No one is to rise above another and there is no intensity of passionate action or thought.

Indeed, a Buddhist worldview is now accepted as Christ like. Moderation and gentleness replace the violence of decisive truth tearing away believers’ refuge of lies. Bland, fluffy personal prophesies about an indistinct future crowd out the declarations of CS Lewis and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, prophets warning about the direction of the modern church.

As Hindu magic slips inside the church, believers increasingly make do with the invisible crowns of Heidi Baker and goose feathers of Bill Johnson. Spiritual gifts are marketed like salami as spiritual schools keep many from the miraculous spontaneity of a genuine gifting of the Holy Spirit.

Conviction of sin, judgment, and righteousness has given way to thrashing bodies on the floor while crowds of believers seek personal prophesies; looking for a word of comfort that affirms the niceness of the God whose Kingdom is taken with force.

For many, tepid living and self-denial are acceptable alternatives to an abundant life. Few are greedy for God and most cannot see the miraculous expressed in human souls.

The result is a mixture of blessings and curses, where believers, like the Samaritan woman at the well, wait for Messiah even as they worship what they do not know; a Spirit alien to the God of Jacob.

As sleepwalkers in a mist, they drift through spiritual minefields, unaware of the dangers that surround them. Mistaking the dreamlike trance of spiritual coma for the wonderful, explosive life of Christ, they are unaware of the real world going on around them. Worse, amidst their salad greens and tomatoes, are pebbles, and mixed into their pizza toppings are cockroaches who have slipped in unawares.