The Hole

When you fill in a hole, the first shovelfuls of dirt are swallowed up with nothing much to show for it. However, to think that nothing has been done, or that somehow you can sidestep that initial, unfulfilling effort, is simply not rational. The hole is being filled long before the last couple of loads of dirt are thrown on and the mound smoothed out.

So it is with the soul of man. When God first moves on the human heart, it seems as if a teacup of water has been taken from the ocean. As you reach out and become involved in the lives of others, years may pass, full of warnings, revelations, defeats, victories and exhortations. They are not for nothing. There is more to this than meets the eye. Little by little, the Word of God fills in the cracks and crevasses at the very bottom of a person’s heart. While it is easy to think that the last few shovelfuls of dirt are more important than the first, anyone can pick low hanging fruit. It takes vision, patience and faith to begin a work in someone’s life. The man who leads someone in a sinner’s prayer has done far less than the person who first utters a cry to God for His mercy to reach a heart still chained with pride and ensnared in darkness.

God warns us not to be weary in well doing, not because He wants us to waste our time, but because by patience and long-suffering we possess our own souls and “become perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” The hole you are filling, if the truth be known, is also your own.