The Dimple

A good friend of mine is convinced he has found the thumbprint of God.  Amidst the star strewn cosmos, the immense tropical forests and grandiose mountains encircling the earth, jostling among seven billion humans who inhabit his planet, Aaron stumbled upon the thumbprint of God in a place he least expected to find it.

Unbelievably, the thumbprint of Yahweh turned out to be on the lower left side of his wife’s back.  To be specific, the thumbprint of Yahweh was the dimple on the back of his wife. Aaron found joy, awe and wonder in his own backyard, so to speak.

And what is amazing is that the mind and heart of Yahweh, who rules over stars, jungles and mountains, took time to consider what would inflame the passions of a single man, endowing the back of his wife with the perfect jewel. In a wink and a nod to one of the smallest of His creations, the LORD expressed the intimacy of His thoughts towards Aaron in a language only Aaron could understand.

The Universe has been filled with treasures, filling space and time with gifts that reflect the intimate knowledge God has of our hearts. Yahweh KNOWS what Aaron dreams of. He knows what you are dreaming of. He knows what sets you aflame.  He has created your high places and promises to lead you to them.

In Hebrew, the word “kiss” has a root meaning; to set on fire. God has reserved for each of us a special thumbprint, a kiss designed to set on fire every life that belongs to Him, a gift created for every one of his children who has ever lived, or will ever be born.

One day, Yahweh will wipe away every one of your tears with His own hand. On that day, you will discover that the One who birthed you has led you by your hand from the beginning, that He could never leave you or forsake you because He has been with you far before time began.