Have you ever tried to untangle Velcro? I wore a surgical boot for nine months, which was cinched together with long Velcro ties. To make matters worse, the cloth insert that cushioned my foot also adhered to the Velcro. Every morning, when I tried to put the boot on, I found the straps had become twisted tangles of clinging fabric.

Leaning over the boot, I discovered no matter how carefully I tried, the straps would unexpectedly cling to one another. It was Infuriating to try to disentangle them. They seemed like living vines, entwining themselves together. They were made to attract and attach to each other and, at times, seemed to move with a mind of their own.

Like Velcro, man’s heart was created to cling and adhere. And like Velcro, mankind all too often clings to the wrong thing. The resulting mess is often infuriatingly difficult to undo. However, when a man’s heart touches the heart of a woman, the bond can be instant and nearly unbreakable. When their two hearts touch, the result can seem magical.

Yahweh responds to those who draw near to Him in exactly the same way. Just as men and women adhere to one another, the heart of God is designed to adhere to the hearts of men. In fact, the Hebrew word for cleave is rooted in the concept of clinging and adhering. In Scripture, a man cleaves to Yahweh in the same way he cleaves to the heart of his bride.

This is good news. Just as the woof and weave of Velcro strips are designed to adhere to one another at the slightest touch, so God designed all creation to declare, “Emmanuel, God is with us.” When men draw near to God, God draws near to them and the two become one.

We are, in fact, the body of Messiah and our bodies are uniquely made for His Spirit to dwell in. Indeed, Messiah was destined from before the beginning of time to be fully human and we are the object of His Father’s desire. When the wind of the Living God envelops your heart, you will feel your spirit rise to meet Him. Don’t resist. As you cleave to the Spirit of Yahweh, everything else will take care of itself.