Can A Christian Have A Demon?

Many Christians do not believe a Christian can have a demon. They usually get hung up on the word “possess”. How could a believer’s eternal Spirit be “possessed” by a creature, which is pure evil? However, while the Bible does use the word “possess,” that word does not necessarily mean possession of one’s eternal Spirit. Perhaps it means the demon has a hold of, or is possessing, a portion of one’s mind, emotions, will, or physical body. Even though the word “possess” is used several times, the word “vexed” and “oppressed” are also used frequently (Matt 15:22, Matt 17:15, Luke 6:18, Acts 5:6,  Acts 10:38).

What does a person with a demon look like? Like the girl in The Exorcist movie? Perhaps. But what about the woman with a physical deformity (Luke 13:11)? One child with a demon was deaf and dumb (Mark 9:25). One man could not speak (Matt 9:32). Another man was blind and dumb (Matt 12:22). A girl was vexed (Matt 15:22). The definition of vexed is to harass, annoy, worry, trouble, distress, agitate, to afflict with pain, to torture. Do you personally know any Christians who are deformed, deaf, dumb, blind, or vexed? Could a demon be partially responsible?

A person whose eternal spirit is truly “possessed” by Satan has obviously chosen darkness. Yet, there are no examples of Jesus telling the people he cast demons out of to repent. In fact, Jesus cast a demon out of a child. Could a child’s eternal spirit be possessed by a demon? Matt 17:18

“When a man that had an unclean spirit saw Jesus, he worshiped him. Can a man worship Jesus when his eternal spirit is “possessed” with a demon? Mark 5:1-20

A woman, a daughter of Abraham, was loosed from Satan. If her father was the devil and her eternal soul was possessed by a demon, why was she referred to as a “daughter of Abraham”? Luke 13:16

Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” Matthew 16:23

When a person with a demon gets saved what happens to the demon? Does it just automatically leave? If so, why didn’t Jesus and his disciples tell those with demons to simply give their life to Jesus? Exorcism would have been unnecessary.

Yet Jesus tells us to cast out demons (Mark 16:17) and also gave us power over unclean spirits. Does your church cast out demons? If not, why aren’t they doing what Jesus told them to do? If yes, who are we to cast demons out of?

Why would an unsaved person even allow you to take him through deliverance?

Why would you want to cast a demon out of an unsaved person, since it will seek to return, bringing seven more demons with it (Matt 12: 43-45)?

Why would the Jews who had demons have come to Jesus for deliverance, unless they already believed he was Messiah?

Satan’s first goal is to snatch Christians out of the Kingdom, and if he can’t do that, he wants to render them ineffective. He is out to kill, steal, and destroy. Why put on the armor of God if he can’t hurt us?

What hope is there for Christians who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, pornography, etc? A twelve-step program that rarely works? Medication? Counseling?

Those Christians who do not believe the Holy Spirit can co-exist with a demonic spirit readily admit He co-exists with pornography, alcoholism, drug addiction, and many other vile and tormenting conditions.

How would you know if a person definitely has a demon? Would it hurt anything to attempt to cast out a demon if someone didn’t have one? Why not try to deliver these afflicted brothers and sisters from Satan’s hold on them? If they do not have a demon, you have wasted twenty minutes. However, if there is a demon you might change the course of the person’s whole life!

The fact that a Christian can have a demon is great news! It means we can get free! Free from physical maladies, free from depression, free from OCD, Tourette Syndrome, addictions, tormenting thoughts and feelings. Free from sexual perversion, mental illness, extreme anger, thoughts of suicide or murder. Free from mental blocks, anxiety, and phobias.

A Christian with a demon does not belong to Satan. He still belongs to the LORD. However, a demon attaches itself to a man like a cancerous tumor, deep in his mind, emotions, will, or body. Somehow, a door opens and demons slip in. At times, people open the door themselves through sin. At other times, a demon will come in through fear or when an adult opens the door by exposing a child to obscene sexual acts, violence, or abuse.

A demon does not care about children. On the contrary, children are its prime target, because they are so vulnerable. The evidence for this is many people spend their entire adult lives trying to overcome their childhood. Unfortunately, demons often  have had free reign in innocent Christian’s lives, simply because they misunderstand the meaning of the word “possession.”

The Holy Spirit is long-suffering. He waits patiently while we summon up the courage to get honest and allow Him to finally clean house. It is the Holy Spirit who empowers believers to take control of demonic spirits. And, yes, these Christians are right. If we get serious about God, “when the enemy come in like a flood”, the Holy Spirit “will raise up a standard” and boot the bastards out.

If you saw an innocent animal caught in a trap, wouldn’t you try to set it free?

God has placed His Spirit in you to do what Jesus did—set the captives free! God is certainly able to do more than you can imagine, through the power that works it you! Do you know a believer who is addicted to pornography, frozen by fear, or brimming with violent anger? If you have been filled with the Holy Spirit, you have the power to break the hold of the enemy, to cast demonic spirits out of God’s people. When you do, you will discover what it means to enter into the Kingdom of God, instead of merely reading about it in books.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”