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The Pet

We often underestimate the power and consequences of sin in our lives. It is as if we brought two baby tigers home to play with. At first they make wonderful pets. We derive… Continue reading

The Cry

As any parent can tell you, a baby is born with a cry that her parents simply cannot ignore. A baby’s piercing wail will seek out the parents and, crashing through everything that… Continue reading


Those of you who watch reruns of Bonanza may have noticed something very odd. Hoss never dies. Shot, trapped by rustlers, stabbed, beaten and surrounded by wildfires, Hoss always survives. And what is… Continue reading

Laser Light

This morning I decided to play one of my favorite games with two of my kittens. I took a laser pointer and shined it on the floor. When the red dot appeared, the… Continue reading

Magic Water

One day, long ago, some mysterious men found an artesian well hidden away in an unknown land. They were thirsty and so they drank the water and soon realized that it was not… Continue reading

The Ship

Imagine a group of sailors from a foreign county, adrift in the middle of the ocean. They have been in the water so long they can no longer remember how many days they… Continue reading

The Briar Patch

In a famous Uncle Remus story, Br’er Rabbit is captured by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear. As the fox and bear get ready to eat Br’er Rabbit, he convinces them that being thrown… Continue reading

The Thief

Suppose a stranger broke into your house in the middle of the night. Sneaking into your bedroom, he slips fifty dollars from your bureau just as you awake. In an instant you realize… Continue reading

Salt Water

Lost on the open sea, survivors of the USS Indianapolis waited for rescue. For many it never came. Alone, without food or water, thirst drove men mad. Unable to stand the thirst, sailors… Continue reading

Off To School

There are times when my kids just can’t seem to get ready for school.  Their hair is uncombed, their homework scattered and they can’t find their shoes.  My children run about the house… Continue reading