The Party

Have you ever been invited to a party at which you knew virtually no one? Upon arriving you find a roomful of people, all engaged in animated conversations. You look around the room… Continue reading

The Gift

Shoppers bustled about the fine candies, wine decanters, cookies and jams, their fur coats and high tech winter jackets filling every aisle on the day before Christmas. I had filled my hand basket… Continue reading

Vlad the Impaler

Vlad the Impaler was a Romanian Ruler from the 13th century who was the model for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vlad struck fear into his enemies by impaling his own people alive on long… Continue reading

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

The starlings rose in unison, two hundred wings beating the air at once, sending a deep rhythmic bass through the air and into the heart of Kevin Stanton, as he stood fifty feet… Continue reading

The Voice of God

“STOP!!!!” I slammed on the brakes and involuntarily gripped the wheel as my body strained against the seat belt. A truck sped by within a inch of my car, going at least ninety.… Continue reading

The Girl With Two Tattoos

It had taken three days to reach the water. Two thousand miles to the east, Justine’s home sat sandwiched between a jumble of muffler and sandwich shops, pawn brokers and a quick loan… Continue reading

The Symphony

Imagine someone being told that a beautiful symphony was going to be played on the radio one evening, at exactly eight o’clock. He brings in his easy chair and sets down. As eight… Continue reading

The Kidnapping

A cold, steady drizzle had fallen all morning, and the steel December sky screwed down like a pressure cooker on the stark and bleak horizon. The clouds, rolling over each other in waves,… Continue reading

Driver’s Education

When we first begin to drive, how careful we are! At every intersection we cautiously look each way, intently focusing on every oncoming car. We take to the streets as if they were… Continue reading

The Elements

Our world is made of peculiar things. 112 elements make up every living and nonliving thing in the Universe, and each of these elements has unique properties. God’s world is made up of… Continue reading