The Note

Imagine going to the symphony. As you take your seat, you notice something very odd about the musicians. Every one of them is holding an oboe. Not another instrument is visible. After the… Continue reading

On The Walls

I watched the construction crew hoist a steel beam into my sagging ceiling and begin to cover the beam with plasterboard. After that came the painters. At the end of the day, the… Continue reading


Imagine a great mathematician deciding to sit down with his five year old child and teach him Calculus. No matter how willing the father is to reveal all that he knows, no matter… Continue reading

The Skyscraper

We often pick up the newspaper and begin to read about some great development project that is being planned. Hundreds of millions of dollars are to be spent, thousands of workers employed, and… Continue reading

The Movie Theater

How often have you spent a lazy winter day watching a movie as the world swirled about outside the theater? Lost in a quick succession of action scenes, drawn into some love affair… Continue reading


As a child, I loved the swirling colors and shapes that emerged through the eyepiece of my kaleidoscope; infinite complexity effortlessly springing forth from a few simple glass shards. With every shake of… Continue reading

Recalled To Life

My office had been incredibly busy. When the phone rang, I groaned and wondered for the fiftieth time how people seemed to pick the worst moment of the day to call. ¬†Of course,… Continue reading

Falling In Love

Within the heart of Rome, visitors can see the ruins of the ancient city center. Graceful vestiges of past glory line the streets of the crumbling Forum. While no one lives or works… Continue reading

The Chance

I lay in bed for half the night before I decided to give God a chance. I had been listening to some radio preacher challenge his audience to believe that God is in… Continue reading

Hidden Treasure

Several years ago my family and I vacationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We played by the beach and waded into the water. As I walked along the shore, I noticed a piece… Continue reading