The Embassy

Suppose you had a friend who decided to visit you in Germany. While on a business trip to Washington DC, he stopped by the German embassy and received his visa to travel through… Continue reading

Just Right!

In the beginning, God made Himself a son, and called him Adam. And God was alone with Adam. Except for the animals, of course. The LORD and his new son played and walked… Continue reading

A Single Cell

Consider a young man, strong and in excellent physical condition. He eats well and exercises daily, working hard and involved in sports. There is only one thing wrong. Deep inside his pancreas is… Continue reading

An Afternoon Excursion

Oftentimes, entering into some small sin is like taking a short canoe ride around a slow moving river. We can let ourselves drift downstream, enjoying the scenery and loss of control, the relaxation… Continue reading

The Carnival Ladder

While at the State Fair midway, I watched a long line of eager teenagers wait their turn to climb an eighteen-foot rope ladder, strung between two poles at a 45-degree angle. Gigantic stuffed… Continue reading

The Dinner Bell

When I was a child, we had a dinner bell just outside of the front door. When it was time for dinner, my mother would ring the bell and expect my brother, sister… Continue reading

The Fire

The first time I met Jesus, my house was literally burning down. And, although I had never met Him before, I was pretty sure He was the one who had started the fire.… Continue reading


One day, when the world first began, God gave gifts to man. Yahweh’s people gathered for miles around to see what their Father had for them. The LORD even gave gifts to the… Continue reading

A Peculiar God

Do you think God tells people to do foolish and inappropriate things? What if God asked you to: 1) Build an ark on dry land, when it has never rained? Genesis 6:14 2)Kill… Continue reading

Baby Luis

Baby Louis, two years old and suffering from Downs Syndrome, was completely uninterested in the church service. In fact, the only thing on his mind was getting his father’s complete attention. The harder… Continue reading