Have you ever tried to untangle Velcro? I wore a surgical boot for nine months, which was cinched together with long Velcro ties. To make matters worse, the cloth insert that cushioned my… Continue reading

Born, Not Borrowed

Not everyone has the best of parents. Hope as we might, we can’t exchange them for a better pair. But what if we thought we could? Imagine a young man who encounters someone… Continue reading

The Dimple

A good friend of mine is convinced he has found the thumbprint of God.  Amidst the star strewn cosmos, the immense tropical forests and grandiose mountains encircling the earth, jostling among seven billion… Continue reading

The Race

Imagine the starting line of a marathon. Runners of all ages and backgrounds press up to the line, awaiting the firing of the starter pistol. One group of highly trained athletes, having diligently… Continue reading

The Hole

When you fill in a hole, the first shovelfuls of dirt are swallowed up with nothing much to show for it. However, to think that nothing has been done, or that somehow you… Continue reading


When we open the door of our heart to the Holy Spirit, He comes in to dine with us. The good news is, it’s a catered meal; true to-your-door service. You don’t have… Continue reading


There must be separation for there to be intimacy, for no one can have intimacy with himself. As Three Dog Night sang, “One is the loneliest number in the world.” There is a… Continue reading


The economy of God is a funny thing. If you are in the stock market and invest in Apple, your return, if there is one, is right there in Apple. But in the… Continue reading

Hide and Seek

I often sit in a chair and watch my daughter play hide and seek, running from room to room, looking furiously for her brother. Nothing is left unsearched. Every closet is opened, every… Continue reading

The Eternal Bride

My daughter recently married her true love. Her wedding was wonderful; elegant and meaningful, the ceremony was said to be the best some guests had ever experienced.  Even so, it was eclipsed by… Continue reading