Hillary’s Escape

(On the suicide of my beloved cousin.) I think about Hillary every day. But when I read a question in the the book of Job, the memory of her life leapt into focus.… Continue reading

Protected: Get Real

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Quantum Refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator that knows exactly what your nutritional needs are, every moment of the day.  In addition, this appliance knows what you want, and provides the perfect mixture of pleasure and nutrition… Continue reading


As you gaze into the brilliance of a starlit sky, photons of light, traveling millions of light years past exploding super-novas, gigantic clouds of interstellar gas, black holes larger than our solar system… Continue reading

The Tide

The tide of His story is turning. The sea change of Christianity is ebbing, and we are now living in a post-Christian world. The wave of life that burst out of Jerusalem almost… Continue reading

The Cargo Cult

The Cargo Cult My father, a neurosurgeon for over forty years, has an irrational belief in “science,” similar to the cargo cults of the World War II era. Having been supplied with material… Continue reading

Born Again

Born Again As I walked out the door of my home, an odd, unsettled feeling arose, almost a sense I was leaving my family forever; that I would never return. I carried a… Continue reading

Angel of Light

Angel Of Light The first beating began several hours after Taps. I was the youngest cadet at Culver Military Academy and absolutely friendless at the age of twelve. Band Barracks was said to… Continue reading

The Fill Up

Imagine a man taking a long awaited trip across the desert. Instead of taking advantage of every opportunity to top off his gas tank, he haphazardly stops and pumps a few gallons whenever… Continue reading

Ancient of Days

Imagine an exceedingly wealthy man who has adopted grandchildren who live far away. The grandfather has gone to great expense for his son to adopt these children, even though he already had several… Continue reading