More Than A Thief

“If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night, (how art thou cut off!) would they not have stolen till they had enough? if the grape gatherers came to thee, would they not… Continue reading

What’s the Use?

Psalm 109: what’s the use? “He who falls upon the Rock will be broken, but He upon whom the Rock falls shall be ground into powder.” One can safely assume that each Psalm… Continue reading

Barn Cats

About fifty yards from my home we have an old red barn containing a few goats, a donkey, a couple raccoons, an opossum, some chickens, ducks and a slew of barn cats. Most… Continue reading

Don’t Worry

Don’t worry – He’ ll Never Find Out!!(It’s really not that important) As a child, have you ever done something you know is wrong and hoped your parents wouldn’t notice? You would think… Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient

It is amazing to read how God works through ordinary humans to accomplish His purposes. The result of infusing the eternal God into mortals’ short uneven lives is often a spectacular success –… Continue reading

The Biographer

Imagine the President of the United States sitting down to eat dinner at the White House with his family. As they begin to dig into fried chicken and mashed potatoes, the dining room… Continue reading

A Work In Progress

A friend once described his new son-in-law, Robert, as “a work in progress.” The trouble is, Robert used drugs, was having an affair and occasionally beat his wife. I had to lock my… Continue reading

Saying Sorry To God

Conventional spiritual wisdom says sinners need to tell the LORD they are sorry and then ask God to help them do better next time. The trouble is, saying you are sorry doesn’t do… Continue reading

The Great Interception

Yahweh spent a thousand years preparing the Jews for Messiah. He created a culture that mirrored His own heart. Every element of family, business and recreation reflected the fact that they had been… Continue reading

The God in the Mountain

Traveling through scriptures, we are fed spiritually as we see God revealed in each and every verse. There is a lot of easy, low hanging fruit for believers to munch on as they… Continue reading